Best Skin Care Products for Aging Acne-prone Skin

Let’s face it – everyone wants to look good. The beauty industry is one of the biggest in the world for that exact reason. The public is inundated everyday with dozens of beauty ads to make your lips biggest, give you longer eyelashes, make your hair grow faster, and so much more. Most women already have some sort of beauty or skin care regimen that they’ve incorporated into their daily lives. But even the best regiment can get boring after a while. Here are a few beauty life hacks to revitalize any beauty routine:

Make Up Remover Pen

How stressful is it when you’re trying to get your makeup just right? Especially when you’re trying to be perfectly symmetrical and have already done one side of your face, the pressure is on to make the other match otherwise you have to take everything off and start all over again. Well, not anymore! The makeup eraser pen makes correcting mistakes super easy. It’s a precision tipped pen that allows you to simply “undo” any bumps in your eyeliner or a wing that’s gone just a little too far and gotten out of control.

Apply Oil Before Makeup

This tip isn’t going to be good for everyone. If you already have an oily complexion, you want to avoid adding additional oil to your face so that you don’t look oily. However if you have red skin blister or dry skin, adding a little oil to your face before adding your makeup is a great idea. Choose a moisturizing blissful body face oil with vitamin E and aloe to help heal and protect your skin. Applying this below your basic layer of foundation will create a beautiful glow and get rid of that dull looking normal skin.

Refresh with Rosewater

Sometimes throughout the day you just need a little pick me up. Rather than splashing water on your face in the bathroom sink (yuck!) which is sure to make your makeup run, use rose water instead. Rose water in a spray bottle allows you to apply a gentle mist to your face that’s even and wonderfully refreshing. Best of all, this light application of liquid won’t make your makeup run. Plus you get the added benefit of the floral aroma of rose water, which is a treat just unto itself!

Use Natural Ingredients To Enhance Your Lips

You don’t need filler or injectables to get you the fuller lips you want. There are several natural ingredients that our bodies have a very slight allergic reaction to, resulting in a more puffy or plump appearance. While you wouldn’t want this in a real allergy situation, it’s perfect for getting some additional pout! Chili powder and cinnamon are some of the best ingredients for achieving this. You can mix them together yourself and create your own salve, or using a lip plumping serum, which essentially has already done all of the work for you plus a few other extra natural ingredients for an added bonus!