What can Lawyers do to Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Working with an attorney on your domestic violence case? Your attorney is there to help, and you need to disclose to him as much information relating to your case as possible to help you build a successful petition. Your attorney is bound by ethical regulations, ensuring the information you reveal is kept private and confidential. Your attorney will also advise you how to deal with any offensive information which may come out during the process.

Whether you are accusing another person or you are the one accused, you should hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer to help you in your case. You should consider hiring an attorney who specializes in domestic violence because he or she is well conversant with the various laws that govern domestic violence. 

1. A domestic violence lawyer will you stop stalking by your aggressor 

If a member of your family is stalking or following you around your home, workplace, destroying your property or sending you threatening messages, your attorney can help you get a stalking order. Depending on the State or County you live in or reside, different laws may apply against stalking. Your attorney will assist you to navigate the process speedily, helping you avoid the hassle of visiting several offices. 

2. A domestic violence lawyer will you obtain a restraining order 

a. If your situation is serious enough, your attorney may decide to seek a restraining order. There are three different forms of restraining orders which can be obtained. The following orders are explained from an experienced attorney;

b. Steve Park a family law lawyer , offers insight, “Temporary restraining orders are orders that can last up to four months and are granted to provide security for the applicant until the time when the case is formally presented. This will allow you some time to think and not worry.”

c. He goes on to say, “Permanent restraining orders are permanent just like the name. A restraining order can be issued for a set length of time and may last indefinitely. Your attorney will assist you to follow up the process, filing the necessary documents, hence making less-complicated. These will be issued if you feel your life is in danger, or if the defendant does not change his behavior of a course of time. This can also be if the damages against you are serious enough.”

d. Steve finishes with, “Last but not least, emergency protective orders. If you feel that you or your family is in immediate danger from another member, your attorney can help you obtain emergency protective orders. These orders may last up to two weeks and can be extended if necessary.”

3. Role of an Attorney as Guardian ad Litem 

a. A guardian ad litem is a person who is in charge of taking care of a child`s best interest and needs in a domestic abuse case. This person is usually appointed in most domestic violence or domestic abuse cases where children are involved. In some cases, a guardian ad litem can be a lawyer. 

b. As a guardian ad litem, your attorney will take good care of the children`s interest, particularly when dependency or deprivation is involved. In this case, the attorney will also ensure proper flow of information between the parents and children throughout the proceedings.