How To Make The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for the tired, old “I love you” card and a box of store-bought candy. Add a creative touch by preparing a gift basket on your own. Here are a few creative and very romantic gift baskets to consider making this Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Gift Basket

Just as good as the traditional chocolates are soft, edible cookies that are preferably fresh. You’ll find many bakeries that make fresh, custom-made cookies in any shape and style you want. To really impress your Valentine, make your own valentine’s day treats by hand. Try the classic heart shapes and add red and pink food coloring – the traditional colors for this holiday.

Red, Pink and White Roses Basket

Not the best gift for guys, but girls will love it. Flowers last longer than cookies or chocolates alone. And red roses are the universal symbol of love that is sure to elicit feelings of romance.

Red and pink may seem too girly, so add white roses for a more neutral look. Any bouquet of flowers will impress any girl as long as it’s fresh and attractive. Create a custom-made bouquet full of her favorite flowers (if you know them), whether they’re tulips or daisies. Or choose one that has her favorite colors.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates Basket

Every girl or guy loves getting the gift of chocolates for any occasion. For this romantic holiday, you’ll find an endless supply of Valentine’s Day chocolates in the store or online. But instead of the traditional box of chocolates, make a basket filled with an interesting assortment of wrapped sweets. To keep your Valentine interested, try different types of chocolates, such as truffles or caramel clusters, in different flavors like milk or dark chocolate. You have more than enough options to choose from and create the perfect basket.

Cheese and Wine Basket

For a truly romantic evening, add an elegant cheese and wine basket that has his or her favorite wines and delicacies. Cheese is the common food to eat with wine, but you can any type of elegant food like bread, pastries or fruit. This basket is a brilliant idea if you’re already planning an elegant dinner for two at home.

This Valentine’s Day, you cannot settle for gifts that are cliched and generic. Put in a little extra effort by making a romantic gift basket by hand. Your significant other will thank you dearly and remember this day for years to come.