How to Get Your Product in a Subscription Box

Subscription box services are all the rage these days. Everything from beauty products to pet supplies, wines, prepared meals and even oral health products are available to be delivered right to your door on a regular basis. Just be smart before you sign on the dotted line.


When you opt to receive a subscription service such as the Brush Up Club toothbrush box, you know that you will be getting a set number of items on a regular basis at a specific price. In many cases, you will pay less than you would if you were to buy each item separately. However, all of that goes out the window if you don’t use the items you were sent. Therefore, be sure that you plan to use or give away most of what your subscription box service provides to you if you want it to make financial sense.

Predictability  Vs. Surprises

There are many people in this world who thrive on carefully choosing every item they want to purchase and receiving exactly what they ordered. These individuals will tell you that they don’t like surprises, whether it is what comes in their subscription box or even an unexpected birthday party. By contrast, plenty of other people enjoy a good mystery.

Subscription boxes can be customized to fit either preference. If you want to have your finger firmly on the controls, choose a service that allows you to carefully select every item for yourself. On the other hand, pick a subscription where items are curated for you if you revel in the element of surprise. For you, it’s as if Christmas comes once every few weeks.

Customer Feedback

Considering that companies have been jumping on the subscription service bandwagon at an astonishing rate since this model gained popularity in 2010, it’s no wonder that some boxes are better than others. Before you enter into a costly commitment, take some time to read what customers have to say about the company. Are the products they send of high quality? Are their customer service representatives helpful and easy to reach? Is the company able and willing to accommodate special requests or to modify orders? All of these questions are important factors that you should take into consideration.

Today, it seems almost as if you could run your entire life via subscription boxes. They’re fun, convenient and filled with variety. Whether you prefer the predictable or love the element of surprise, there is definitely something out there for you. Take some time to explore the numerous choices!